Friday, January 13, 2012

A Start....

Well, I never really considered becoming a blogger, but here I am with my first ever post!

Over the last few weeks a great friend of mine has been trying to get me to take control of my life, get out of bad situations and move my life ahead. I've spent years looking down, living life as a virtual hermit, living in the past. It hasn't been a good time, barely noticing the world around me & not being a part of it.

But it's time to change. My life has been a mess, but as has been shown to me it doesn't need to be if I'm willing to work at a new future. Time to recreate/release the real me!

Hopefully by putting my journey, both the good & the bad, out there for the world to see, it will provide just that little extra motivation to get closer to where I want to be. And perhaps we can have a little fun along the way too.

So future posts will be small insights to the journey on my road to recovery.


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