Monday, January 23, 2012

Daily Report - 23 Jan

Haven't posted for a few days so this is a combined report. Today has been a pretty quiet one for me but have been pretty active the last few. Been able to get out - going fishing, visiting friends & family, went bowling again and a few other things.

But evenings are still a bit of a problem. Most days after about 5:00PM I'm alone at home. Generally this isn't a problem, I'll sit around listening to music, reading, writing or something. But then come the nights I sit thinking about my life, my past. Not always a good place to be. I feel the making of an article there....

But the days lately have been pretty good, so I guess I need to be thankful for that. The ratings that follow are for the last few days combined.

Emotional: 7.5 (despite a couple of little hiccups!)
Activity: 6.0
Interaction: 7.0

Cheers for now, take care of yourselves.

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