Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Daily Report - 17 Jan

A pretty quiet day after another night with little sleep. The day wasn't a total waste though. The previous post today is actually a spin-off form an article I'm writing detailing my history & experiences with severe depression, bipolar, stress & anxiety. It started out just being a post but I soon realised it was too big for that so it's going on it's own page when completed.

Tweeted a little and spent some time chatting with a good friend before actually getting out of the house & doing something. Ten pin bowling is currently my major social activity and tonight was the first night back for the year. I enjoy bowling & really think that if you are a sufferer & can find some social activity you can enjoy without too much stress then try & get out and do it.

Early tomorrow morning I'm taking a friends son out to teach him how to fish so that should be something good for both of us - all I need now is to be able to sleep!

Emotional: 6.0
Activity: 4.5
Interaction: 5.0

So not really too bad a day overall.


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