This page is just going to be a collection of my own writing from over the years - some old, some new.


Darkness envelopes me, the night is still
Luna has turned his back, denying me his company and light
But I am far from alone in the night
Stars pierce the ebony veil, filling the sky

Creatures of the night create a strange, rhythmic mosaic of sound
Muted through the ghostly, swirling mists
But their time is short
Not even the cosmos has the power to deny the awakening

Stars fade in the east, extinguished by the coming rebirth
Slowly the cloak of darkness lifts, grey then silver
Finally exploding, a kaleidoscope of red, yellow, orange
Above the distant horizon Sol raises her shining face

Beams of gold announce the dawn
Bringing light and life to the world
A chorus of sound erupts as nature greets the birth
A new day, the Earth from darkness into light reborn

All that bear witness rejoice
Faces to the sun
Feeding on her warmth
Seize the day, a new beginning for all

Copyright 2008 Mark Kelly

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