Monday, January 16, 2012

Control or Direction

In reading & replying to comments to a previous post I began to think about what I meant about 'taking control of my life'. Looking at it more closely, I don't think I really mean control, as there is so much in our everyday life we can't control. Trying to control the things we can't will lead nowhere, just more suffering & frustration.

Instead, I think I mean it more as getting direction in my life, having something to aim for, a goal. I've spent years just drifting, pushed around by the labels placed upon me by others. Accepting them without really seeking to see if they are true or not. In accepting these labels, I have probably altered my life to fit within them - not a good step at all.

So now I'll be saying I'm seeking direction in my life, not control. I need to decide where & what I want my life to be. And the more specific & 'real' I can make the direction I want to go, the better I should be able to reach my destination.

"In life, seek not control. Seek instead direction. With direction you have control of what you can and acceptance of what you can't." ~ Drac0, 2012


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