Thursday, January 19, 2012

Daily Report - 19 Jan

A bit of an up & down type of day. Got more sleep last night than I had in the previous week but got up feeling tired anyway. Went out & did a couple of things but by 10am I had had it, I needed SLEEP! Finished what I was doing & then spent the next six or seven hours sleeping the day away.

A friend has suggested that this need of sleep, so powerful, is actually a way for me to escape from a situation or feelings/emotions I'm not comfortable with, a flight response. They could be right, it is another thing on the list I need to investigate.

But despite the sleep issue & lack of activity, today I felt pretty good emotionally. A much better feeling than the down times!

Emotional: 6.5
Activity: 4.0
Interaction: 4.5

Cheers until next time.

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