Sunday, January 15, 2012

Daily Report - 15 Jan

Well, a real middle of the road sort of day. Caught up on some of the sleep I'd missed the last couple of days so it was a later start then normal. Still not a lot of energy so didn't get much done really. The previous post was my big effort of the day, but hopefully it will help someone if they need it.

Just hoping for a good nights sleep again to have a bit of extra energy tomorrow!

Emotional: 5.0 / 10
Activity: 3.5 / 10
Interaction: 3.0 / 10



  1. Go-Go juice has it's own idea's some days it lets you run all day, some day's it runs out before sun up, recovery is not control it's learning to manage what you got, or as a famous person once said "our's is not to pray for sunshine, but to learn to dance in the rain".......

    1. Maybe I need to find a different brand of Go-GO juice too....

  2. This is why control is not such a good idea, letting it all hang out also not such a good idea, but somewhere in the middle is where most of us aim to be, This is the full movie in sections ....

    1. I will look @ the movie when I'm on a better connection.

      Maybe the term 'taking control' isn't really correct as there is so much in our daily lives that we can never have control over. It's more about how to cope with things you can't control or change.

      For me it's probably more about getting some direction in my life & moving forward. At the moment I'm pretty much rudderless, just going where I've been blown and following the labels placed on me. THAT is what needs to change for me right now.